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Almost every modern and even older garage doors use a series of springs. The springs’ job is to hold the weight of the garage door while allowing it to easily lower and be raised. That’s why when the springs break; it makes using the garage door dangerous.

Not only is it dangerous to use the Garage Door but attempting to repair it can be disastrous. That’s why if you suspect a problem with the torsion or extension springs, it is best to call us to handle the issue for you.

Garage Door Spring Repair Service - 801 Garage Door - Installations & Repair

Quick and Efficient Garage Door Spring Repair

We provide a quick and efficient solution to broken or worn-out garage door springs. Our Spring Repair Service will start by examining the springs and, based on our assessment of the problem, will either recommend replacing all the springs or just one.

Our repair service’s goal is to make sure that you don’t experience the same problem soon after.

Get Affordable Garage Door Spring Replacement

When a spring breaks or is worn beyond repair, it has to be replaced.  Fortunately, we have the best, most durable aftermarket springs that will last you a long time. Furthermore, all the springs we use come backed by a warranty, so if something does go wrong, we will replace the springs for free.

However, the important thing to make sure for us is pair the existing springs with aftermarket ones of the same type and size. It can prove to be more challenging in some cases, but not being able to find the right spring is very rare.

Garage Door Spring Repair & Replacement - 801 Garage Door - Installations & Repair

99% of the time, we’ll have the springs with us and replace them right away.

Garage Door Spring Installation Service Backed By a Warranty

As mentioned earlier, we use the best springs in the business. The springs come backed by a warranty and are rated for hundreds of cycles. So, you can be assured of years of trouble-free service life.

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